Fares & Routes

IVCH One-Way Fare Rates

LaSalle/Peru City Limits $2.50
City to City (i.e. Utica to Utica) $2.50
Marseilles $5.00
Mendota: $5.00
Oglesby/IVCC $3.00
Ottawa: $5.00
Streator – Ransom $5.00
Tonica & Dalzell $4.00
Utica – Oglesby $3.00
Utica $4.00

City of Ottawa Fare Rates:

City of Ottawa City Bus $2.00
Ottawa City Limits: $2.50
City to City (i.e. Streator to Streator) $2.50
Grand Ridge $3.00
LaSalle/Peru $5.00
Marseilles $3.00
Mendota $5.00
Naplate $2.50
Streator $5.00
Seneca $5.00
Tonica $5.00
Utica/Oglesby/IVCC $4.00
Wedron $5.00

Premium Rides

To Peoria: One-way $15 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month
Spring Valley to:
*LaSalle/Peru Area: $4.00 Monday – Friday
*Ottawa & Mendota: $7.00 Monday – Friday
*Streator: $7.00 Tuesday & Thursday
Streator to LaSalle-Peru: $5.00 Tuesday & Thursday
Streator to Mendota: $10.00 Tuesday & Thursday
Streator to Marseilles: $5.00 Tuesday & Thursday
Streator to Lostant: $5.00 Tuesday & Thursday
Rutland/Wenona: $5.00 Wednesday
Earlville to Ottawa $5.00 Tuesday & Thursday
Earlville to other locations: Call for availability of rides.
Sheridan to L/P/Mendota Area: $10.00 Monday
Sheridan to Streator: $10.00 Monday
Sheridan to Ottawa $7.00 Monday
Seneca to:
*LaSalle/Peru Area: $10.00 Tuesday & Thursday
*Streator: $10.00 Tuesday & Thursday
*Other locations: Call for availability of rides.

Ride Exceptions

If a medical facility (hospital, dialysis, doctor’s office, etc.) requests a same-day medical discharge and/or ride, NCAT Transit system will do whatever possible to accommodate this request based on rider space, client residence, NCAT system hours, and availability of an NCAT vehicle. Any wheel chairs and or/ medical equipment provided by the medical facility will need to be recovered by the medical facility at an NCAT designed location. Same day discharges are a flat rate fee from $2.50 – $10.00 depending on location.


City Bus Route

It is the policy of the North Central Area Transit system to provide transportation in a safe and timely manner for ALL transit riders. The information on this site is made available to all passengers regarding policies and operations of the transit system. The guidelines are designed to clarify the duties and responsibilities of the passengers, the drivers, and other transit employees. They are in place to promote safety, efficiency, effectiveness, and understanding of the parameters and limitations of the NCAT Transit System.